Karen Albanese Campbell is an award-winning painter/printmaker creating narrative art that is expressionistic and partially abstract. Described as “rich and diverse,” her art is marked by symbolism, color and texture. Thoroughly researching her ideas that are rooted in current events, the artist fuses them with memory and imagination. Her larger themes are
found in the transitional space between how people create community, comfort and home in the face of fragmentation, displacement and obstacles.

While an art student at Boston University she discovered Japanese art as a result of weekly visits to Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts and she is heavily influenced by Asian art to this day. Her woodcut “Moment of Silence” can be found in the collection of the Columbus Museum of Art and she’s president of Phoenix Rising Printmaking Cooperative.

Born in 1958 in Syracuse, NY to a first generation Italian-American family, Albanese Campbell lives in Columbus, Ohio.