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Art quilt created to raise awareness of human trafficking
Girl on the Stairs
Art Quilt
28" x 36"

This quilt is based on a sketch and descriptive conversation with a woman at an A-21* safe house in Thessaloniki, Greece. She described her experience having been trafficked this way: she was a pure, young woman, innocently stepping through a doorway only to fall down a long flight of stairs into a pit of darkness. This quilt is based on the small pencil drawing she made and was included in an exhibit at a quilt conference in Thessaloniki, Greece. This quilt was one of 20 quilts created for the exhibit to raise awareness of the trafficking issue and to teach the viewers about the history of quilts in the abolitionist movement in the United States during the Civil War. This quilt is currently touring with Art for Abolition.

Machine quilted by Tina Thomas Bruggeman

*A-21 is an anti-human trafficking campaign based in Australia, a ministry of Hillsong United. They operate safe houses and raise awareness of sex-trafficking around Europe.