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"Not Enough Sky"
"Not Enough Sky"
Art Quilt
38" x 58"

Private Collection

“Not Enough Sky” was the beginning of new work combining painting and my lifelong love for working with textiles. I was inspired and challenged to actually create an art quilt after teaching color theory and the “art” of the storytelling quilt at a quilt conference in Greece. I had to keep telling the participants, through my interpreter, that I was not a quilter. Now, working this way has opened a refreshing freedom to tell stories in a more symbolic and abstract way combining all my tools. “Not Enough Sky” was inspired by my work and interest in humanitarian aid and relief work, especially as it relates to the way the lack of clean water impacts education. As I was reflecting on what it would be like to live under conditions where something I take for granted is so limited, I began to make a comparison to being in a prison with only small glimpses of the sky visible.

“Not Enough Sky” was awarded the Beaux Arts Club Award of Excellence in Fiber Art from the Zanesville Museum of Art when it was included in the 71st Annual All Ohio exhibition in 2015.